The Art of making Music for Porn

Even though people fail to notice it, there is a particular aspect of photography that has a task of tying the missing scenes together and that is Music. Though it is totally understandable why people do not pay any attention to the musical part of porn, because that was not what they really want to see or hear. However, there are composers that have jobs of producing these sounds, there are porn directors that insist on music when they are directing a porn movie, and there is also an audience that is willing to listen to them.

There are several music composers that work with porn directors to bring that top quality to virtually every porn videos you watch. However, there is a top music composer in person of James Lynch who has worked on several top quality projects.

The 32- year old composer plays 6 different instruments, he also manages a band which he is part of; “The Uncluded” from Los Angeles. On his business cards, it shows that James is a professional porn music composer, he has participated in several films in which Evil Head is one of them, and he makes use of original songs, parodies and instrumentals in the past years. Even he cannot believe the extent in which he has come in the porn industry.

Just like every Porn producer in the industry, writers and editors. Every one fell into the porn industry unknowingly. One day, he was composing music for movies and before he knew it, the next day he was already producing for porno movies, and it just happened to get stuck. He also insists that in the porn industry, you can never go out of a job, because there is someone somewhere that needs your service in the industry, you just need the right connections.

Lynch has been producing for reputable Burning Angel Entertainment, after Evil Head. Everything ranging from full to digital playground orchestral scores, and also to the reprisal of very famous ‘porn groove’ which was a very popular movie in the 1970s.

When you hear it at first, music and pornography do not go together well, this is because most folks do not really care about what plays in their ears anytime they are wanking. However what most people fail to realize is that little things such as touch, taste and smell would enhance sexual pleasure. It all depends on your preference. Music is also in this category, as it can easily increase your sexual quotient.

Research also proved it that music can enhance whatever mood or story which is being conveyed. Whether it is a romantic, or hard core gonzo porn, music is the key, which can easily ruin or enhance the mood. Music is always in the atmosphere, it is part of the porn, it is a part of the production, and if you fail to notice this, that is not quite good.

As digital playground recording became easily derived in the intervening decades, films started choosing music based on their subject matter. As the sub-genres splintered, the varieties of music used under them multiplied.

This also gave James the opportunity to create some unforgettable memories, and most of them revolve around making music while people on camera, you know, bang.